Origin and Evolution of the YAP

While working as the Housing First Specialist for the City of Lethbridge in Alberta, Wally Czech was supporting the Youth Hub, Lethbridge’s centralized intake for the youth homelessness stream of Housing First. They were struggling with the current assessment tool as they found it was not youth friendly nor was it accurately capturing many aspects associated with youth homelessness. They also found that many youths they believed required more intensive supports were being excluded due to a high focus on health or risk of death determinants as well as the length of time homeless among other factors.

At this point Mr. Czech began researching other alternatives. In the process, because at that time one did not exist, he also started thinking about the possibility of the creation of a new assessment tool focused specifically on youth. To explore these options further many articles and studies were reviewed including a local research project “Assessing Youth Homeless in Three Ablerta Cities” written by Yale Belange of the University of Lethbridge, work from the Youth Outloud project in Kingston, Ontario, as well as many articles and posts from the Homeless Hub website operated by the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness. These resources helped to frame and inform a foundation of items that were important to understand when looking at necessary supports for at risk youth.
Transition Age Youth (TAY) Research

While scouring the internet for additional assistance, Mr. Czech discovered the newly released results of the TAY Research project and the TAY Triage Tool. For more details click here.

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