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This is the official site for the YAP Tool and has been developed in partnership between WalRhon Psychological & Assessment Services, A Way Home Canada and the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness.

YAP Summary


The Youth Assessment and Prioritization Tool is a non clinical, strengths-based assessment of young people who are experiencing, or are at-risk of experiencing, homelessness that strives to be as accurate as possible, in a non-prescriptive and youth-driven way – which is part of what makes it so different from other assessment tools.

The YAP Tool is an assessment that is implemented when a vulnerable young person connects with the service system. The assessment is designed specifically to determine and prioritize each young person’s most appropriate and beneficial support and referral needs while identifying the young person’s risk factors and strengths which will be essential in supporting them moving forward. This occurs through a short “pre-screen” questionnaire followed by a more fulsome interview, if deemed necessary.
Here is an introductory webinar to the Youth Assessment and Prioritization Tool (YAP Tool):

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Sequentially, there is a pre-screen assessment which is primarily focused on identifying the level of risk for long-term homelessness that the young person is facing as well as a level of vulnerability to assist in prioritization. This assessment provides the high-level data and is sufficient for use as an intake across a range of programs. Following that, the full assessment delves deeper into a broad range of life areas which enhances the understanding of key areas of concern and more importantly, personal strengths. The information gained through the assessment helps the assessor to make decisions on the best service pathway for the young person. The tool uses the knowledge of both the young person and the worker completing the assessment, as there is ample space for discussions, clarifications, and recommendations.

For more about the YAP please click here.

General FAQs

The YAP is a youth specific assessment. It is understood that many communities or agencies view youth differently when it comes to age. Best practice is up to the age of 24. There may be instances of it being used with older young people. The youngest age should probably be no less than 12.

No. It is free to use. There is a mandatory 2 day training session. There is a standard fee, plus travel expenses for the training and certification. Specifics can be discussed on a training by training basis depending on circumstances. Contact WalRhon to inquire further. The training is a train the trainer format making the use of the tool sustainable for organizations. We can work with you to design the training to best suit your organization/communities needs. Additionally, the completion of the training gives trainees access to post training support through WalRhon at no additional cost. This could include conference calls, webinars, or whatever is needed to continue to support people in the administration of the tool. This also included free notification of any updates and changes and access to any documentation related to changes.
In order to have access to the assessment tool, organizations need to have completed the mandatory two day training. At the end of the training, organizations will be given their organizational account to use the site to upload completed assessments.
This varies depending on the young person. The average time for the pre-screen is approximately 15 minutes and the full interview takes 45 minutes to an hour. It all depends on how much the young person is open to talking and the things there are to talk about. As mentioned earlier, it may be appropriate to break the interview up into more than one sitting to help with difficulties associated with completion of the tool.

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